How about looking at 2016 as the year of moving forward?

In my opinion moving forward means improving the existing quality of your life. Most probably this means doing things differently or adding something entirely new to your life. Maybe this is changing your location or job, or even friends, these are big changes. Or maybe it is time to get rid of some behaviour patterns that no longer suit you because they have been holding you back?

I love personal growth & development. My personal as well as professional experience can vouch for that each step taken, even small steps, result in change. Imagine climbing up a ladder. With each step your view changes and brings a new perspective.

Make the kind of changes that stick!

Life changes all the time, sometimes daily. During your lifetime you never stop growing, developing and learning, which of course means changing. If you resist this, you run the risk of staying stuck.

Here is how you start:

Increase your awareness as to what needs to change by asking yourself:

What would make the biggest difference in your day-to-day life?

What would make your life easier, more in line with your goals, beliefs or values? Is it something at work, at home or in your relationships?

What exactly would make you happier, energised, excited, motivated, and stimulated?


Findinding it difficult to consider a bigger change - start with a small step.

Think of one thing that would make a difference in your daily life and is easy to do such as:

• Getting up 10 minutes earlier so you are not rushing to work.

• Choosing one day per week that you will leave work on time.

• Scheduling some down time so you are more present when you are with the family.

• Practicing how to listen and communicate more effectively. (For example; practice letting someone finish speaking before you offer them your thoughts)


And always choose to be kind and patient with yourself along the way. It takes time and repetition to change old patterns. Be pleased with each success, even the smallest one. According to neuroscience feeling success supports creating positive feedback to the brain, which your brain needs to keep you motivated.

88% of New Year’s Resolutions Fail

According to the researcher Richard Wiseman, 88% of all resolutions set by Americans fail. This equals 156 million disappointed people. Start on the path of personal growth and development rather than thinking in terms of New Year’s Resolutions.

Get started today write your list: CHANGES I AM MAKING IN 2016


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