To live feeling content and on track it is vital to know what you truly value in life, what makes you feel fulfilled and gives you a sense of meaning.

Core Values are about YOU – not what society, the media, your education, your colleagues and friends or family deem as important, or of value, but what is important to YOU, what YOU value.


Core Values are individual. They can be described as your code of ethics, your fundamental principles, your standards or personal rules. Stress tends to set in when you are not treating these values with the respect they deserve.


Not respecting your core values means

you are not respecting your true self.


In turn your Self Esteem could suffer which of course in turn decreases the quality of your day to day life. Living true to your values, hence true to yourself, allows you to be at peace, at the same time you feel you have your power. When the feeling of calm and peacefulness is present, the quality of day to day life high. You will have the feeling of being a good person.


Caroline Myss, a five-time New York Times bestselling author and internationally renowned speaker in the fields of human consciousness, and mysticism says: "Being able to speak and live with the truth, your truth, means you have to become comfortable with having your power, be comfortable with all that is true about you, all that is beautiful about yourself, this is being okay with yourself."


As an example of a core value lets take 'Honesty'. I imagine that everybody can relate to that feeling of not having been quite honest about something. The twinge felt deep inside even if it was a little 'white lie', you still feel something, somewhere inside. If 'Honesty' is one of your core values, this means the need to not only to be honest, but also to be treated with honesty. Should you find yourself not being totally honest about something, this lack of respect for this core value will leave a bad feeling inside. The feeling of not being the person you know you are at heart, the feeling of not being true to yourself.


Being a good person means you are being true to yourself and thereby honoring your values. It is all in the choices that you make.

Living in line with your core values improves the quality of your day to day life which in turn means being a better role model, parent, friend, co-worker, child, sibling etc. It means you are maintaining your personal power. This applies to your personal life as well as your professional life.

Honoring your values by making them a priority means you are choosing your behavior based on the right foundation, based on your personal code of ethics. You can only gain – it is a win win!


Do not know what your Core Values are?  Let me guide you through a process to discover them in a single coaching session. Get in touch and let’s talk about it.