How Do You Handle a Stressful Moment?

I will all tell you what I do.

First of all, I allow myself to realize I am stressed and find a few minutes to STOP, BREATHE and ask myself: What is the actual problem that is stressing me right now?  The important part of that question being the ‘right NOW.’  My usual answer is one or more of the following:

  1. I am trying to ‘fix’ something
  2. I am overwhelmed with what has to be done
  3. I am emotional and trying to stop myself from feeling these emotions
  4. I do not have time right now


My next best step is to focus on what I can influence in this moment. 

  1. If I am trying to ‘fix’ something…I think what exactly is the first step towards fixing it.
  2. If I am overwhelmed, I take time to make a mental list of what needs to be done, i.e. break it down into smaller steps.
  3. If I am emotional and trying not to feel the emotions, I remind myself later in the day to revisit the emotions that were trying to surface. I like to explore what they might be and then let go of them…usually by releasing them with a tears.
  4. If do not have enough time, I make a decision as to what is most important and start with that. Again, I break it down into smaller manageable steps.


All in all my best solution is to accept that I am stressed, make the choice to do something about it, stop and figure out what. Sounds simple, and it is, but it does require that I consciously choose acceptance in the moment and then take the necessary actions.

In the case where it is all too much, I simply force myself to stop, take a short walk or take some long, deep breaths. One way or another it is important to STOP MYSELF and therefore break the stressful energy of the moment.

What do you do?