How Not to Waste Precious Time - Live in the 'Now', in the Moment

Eckhart Tolle refers to living in the “Now”, which means being able to see and feel what your life is in the present moment. If you are standing in a beautiful park or by a calming body of water, it is possible to actually see the trees, feel the flow and energy of the water, instead of being lost in your thoughts. These thoughts will put you into an entirely different location even if you are not there physically.

After all, almost everyone would agree that the present moment, the “Now”, is all we have. In light of all the sad unpredictable events going on in the world right now this is even more relevant. 

It seems odd that we do not just naturally live in the ‘Now’

Most people do not live in the “Now” and have to learn how to do so. This involves not only being able to see the trees but also keep the focus on what you can influence today and in the moment. If it is in the future or the past it is actually not relevant to the moment. When you concentrate more on the present, life becomes more relaxed and enjoyable. This becomes a powerful technique to step out of stress. 


Here are steps to take to ‘being in the moment’:


  1. Realize and accept that you are free to choose in each and every moment – not only what you do, but also what you think. This awareness is the first, and often the hardest, step to integrate into daily life. It is, however, an important truth.
  2. Become aware of where your thoughts are taking you. 
  3. Find a way, a little trick or an image that will support you in breaking your thoughts right now.
  4. Some people imagine putting their thoughts into a cloud that is passing by, or into a boat that they then push away from shore, really negative thoughts can be placed into a building that you then blow up! Another way is to pinch yourself or turn in a circle a few times. Anything that will snap you out of your thoughts.  Find something that suits your personality.

Our minds tend to take us to places and times that are not real. They might have been real a few hours ago. By mastering the art of living in the moment, you are taking good care and being very kind to yourself. That alone should make it worth the effort.