Intolerances (or rather: delayed allergic reactions) to certain categories of food (such as leavened or fermented foods) have been linked in several studies to the difficulties that many people face when they try to lose weight. This happens because of the interactions between histamine and insulin, leading intolerant subjects to:

- Cravings

- Insulin resistance, which in turn leads to overweight and is a risk factor for type 2 diabetes

The good news is that ONE CAN RECOVER FROM INTOLERANCES (= delayed allergy mediated by IgG) . The elimination of a food to which one is hypersensitive is not a valid therapeutic approach, since it has been shown that it may even aggravate the situation.

It is necessary instead to introduce a “rotating diet”, that following a short (one week) cleansing period, leads the body to slowly get used to the “incriminated” food, with an approach that is very similar to the weaning of infants.

Along with the recovery of intolerance, the vast majority of overweight patients has also been shown to be able to lose a lot more easily the excess weight.


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